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Rachel Benjamin
Jan 25, 2024
Long-distance move from Twickenham, Greater London to Windsor, Berkshire

Unprofessional and rude

I had planned to use this company for an upcoming move but their salesman Chris was rude when I asked for more boxes! Then today I received an email response in error after I asked him to confirm when payment was due saying ‘I’m about to tell this woman to f**k off!’ Wow. Do not use this company if you want a professional stress free move.

Move size: 2 Bedroom Home Service cost: £1300

Mathew Review
Mar 09, 2022
Long-distance move from Guildford, Surrey to Okehampton, Devon

Do not use!

Look elsewhere - this company will let you down, damage your possessions and overcharge you. If you want to know more read this:

We booked Overs of Camberley (owned by Armishaws) to move out into storage and move from storage into our new home. What an absolute disaster of service and company! So many things went wrong. We are out of pocket too.

What started in good faith ended with a nasty, bitter taste and the realisation the Armishaws are a 'take what you can' type company without any care or consideration for their customers. Here are the key issues we faced:

The price quoted originally was wrong; they added 25% onto the storage fee, but only once they had our items locked into their storage unit. So we had to pay for an additional 325 cubic feet of storage. The quote was done by someone visiting our house; they refused any liability and forced us to pay.

We booked our move out of the store, and they couldn't do it for a few weeks after we needed it; we had to pay for more time storage that we didn't need.

We stayed in storage for four months (Jan 21-April 21), and when we booked to move, they increased the onward move price by 42% from the original quote and would not entertain my arranging another removal firm due to COVID restrictions at their warehouse. Again we had to pay over the odds.

Our belongings arrived in April. We noticed the damage when the first item was unloaded, not just scratches but significant damage. Smashed wardrobes, sofas damaged, classic furniture ruined, our children's bed snapped. They even lost the bolts of our son's bed! The list goes on, but the damage totalled £8,000 to replace it all.

Armishaws refused to deal with me; they put me in touch with the 'Removal Claims Service', whose sole job was to reduce the claim. They offered us £1,500

We got nothing back for service; their strategy of 'ignore the customer' worked - I just got tired.

The end result, we have a £8,000 claim on our home insurance.

The moral of the story? DON'T USE THEM!

Please, I really really mean it you can and will find better. I don't wish the emotional hardship we have been through on anyone. Some of our best furniture had to go in the skip, it's really quite sad.

Move size: 3 Bedroom Home Service cost: £6200

Oct 29, 2013
Local move within United Kingdom

Excellent removal service.

We recently used Armishaws for our move from the UK to Montpellier in France. Everything arrived on time and was unloaded swiftly and efficiently. We would certainly use Armishaws again. Your sales colleagues might be interested to know that you were competitively priced, but most of all, your survey of the amount of goods we had was much more exact. The other two companies included a much bigger margin for error which made them significantly more expensive. Thanks to the whole team for extremely courteous and efficient service.

Service cost: £1000

Lee Smith
Jul 15, 2017
Long-distance move from Reading, Berkshire to Reading, Berkshire

Armishaws - Poor.

Moved within Wokingham (near Reading) on Dec 6th, 2016.
We had previously used Rainbow Removals of Wokingham a few years previously. When we went back, we found out they had been acquired by Armishaws. Nonetheless, we thought it likely that they'd be the same people - we were partly right, the same removal crew, but everything else had changed. We paid for packing and removal. About week before our move, our move date had to fall back by about a week. We lost a large chunk of our deposit and our packing service. During this discussion, the customer service was very poor and very rude, despite it being chain related and not a choice on our part. On the move day itself, the removal crew were good, polite and helpful. We got keys about 2:30pm, which is quite a normal time on move day. Half way though unloading, head office called to say that we'd have to pay waiting time (as I recall, asking for a fee of about £150+) on the spot (there was no times written in the contract) - we challenged this and the crew said if this wasn't paid they would be told to stop the move. So we felt we had little choice, as it was getting dark and begrudgingly paid. The move completed and we had a damaged bookcase. When I wrote to claim for damage, we were sent a cheque for a derisory £40 and told they we had waived damage insurance cover. This won't come near to cover the damage that had been caused to the item of furniture.

My wife managed the removals aspect of the move and didn't read the small print (she trusted them to be fair with good and reasonable customer services) - but also did not have the deposit cancellation clause explained to her, nor the insurance cover when she signed the contract. Having read the contract retrospectively, the contract is not a reasonable or fair contract. we seriously considered taking legal action but thought this would be throwing good money after bad.

I would not use this company again - unreasonable & rude, poor customer service. Lots of reviews on here about poor service. I will leave this same review on Trust Pilot and see if it is published (as in complete contrast to this site, they all seem overwhelming positive on there..).

I would not use this company again and strongly advise anyone else to avoid them and take careful note of these reviews. without a doubt, one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with.

Service cost: £3000

Official company response

Thank you for your review.

I trust you will accept our right to respond in relative detail when taking into account the context of your review.

The quotation is based on the standard quotation as advised by the British Association of Removers and is inspected yearly by a B.A.R inspector. The quotation is designed to be clear, specific and in plain English.

You have stated that the contract is not fair or reasonable and that you considered taking legal action but did not wish to throw good money after bad.If you feel as strongly as your review indicates I suggest you raise your complaint direct to the British Association of Removers compliance department, or indeed, if you follow the complaints procedure, raise it with the Ombudsman.

Cancellation/Postponement Charge
You claim the above was not explained to you at the time of the survey, I very much suspect it was as it is part of the surveyors requirement. Nevertheless in the quotation package you received, your attention was drawn to the Terms and Conditions that form part of the contract no less than on three separate occasions.

Liability Cover
Once again you claim not to have had the ramifications of standard and limited liability explained to you, indeed very much I suspect it was. However your attention was drawn to the subject five times in the quotation package, In fact your wife has clearly signed the acceptance stating that you do not require liability cover for your goods during the removal. Your claim for damage to a bookcase was settled under the terms of the contract.

Waiting Time
The detail of the waiting time, and the charges, are clearly shown in the Confirmation of Removal sent to you in advance of the removal. In your case the crew arrived at the delivery point at 12.07 hours, based on your instruction of a lunchtime completion. You did not get the keys until 14.30 hours. Therefore there we a crew of five waiting for just over two hours. Waiting time kicks in after one hour, you were charged £110 plus VAT.

As a point of clarity the crew did not complete the unloading until 19.11 hours some two hours later than expected.

Please let me know in particular who was rude and I will investigate the matter and write to you separately. We do not condone rudeness.

It appears that the crux of your complaint is as a result of your wife not reading the contract terms, personally I find this rather demeaning against your wife.

Basically you choose to ignore the terms conditions of the contract, yet expect them, retrospectively, not to apply to you. I ask would you not bother to examine the contract if you were going on holiday or entering into a finance agreement.

I am sorry I do not accept that Rainbow Removals under the banner of Armishaws has mislead you in any way. I feel your review in the main is unnecessary in its criticism. The failure on your part to either read or understand salient points of the contract cannot be laid at our door.

If you wish to write to me privately I will be pleased to address the points you make in more detail.

Pat Carter.

Jun 15, 2017

Removals and storage.

Armishaws had my furniture in storage for 6 months and moved me out of my last house and into my present one after storage. My furniture came out of store covered in rust (fridge freezer) and/or mould (white goods), damp with damp marks (bed linen) and much was damaged and lost. They have been intransigent and unhelpful, immediately called out a loss adjuster and walked away. They are a big, expensive and don't care about the small fry. Don't use them.

Service cost: £3500

Official company response

Our storage facility is open to inspection. The building is purpose built for the storage off goods providing a constant dry temperature through all seasons. The interior and exterior of the building is inspected monthly to ensure there is not any water ingress.

We have had and do hove goods which have been in storage for a number of years without the problems related to in the above review. The condition of goods held in storage will very much depend on the attention given by the owner prior to storage. If items such as white goods are not thoroughly cleaned in preparation for storage on a long term basis this may and will lead to mould growth and possibly the formation of rust. The same applies to soft furnishings, linen not rust of course.

In this particular instance an independent Loss Adjuster was engaged to view the alleged reports of rust etc. On inspection an offer was made under the terms of limited liability as you provided your own insurance for goods whilst in storage. A reply to the Loss Adjuster was never given.

Andrew Natt
Apr 02, 2020
Long-distance move from Camberley, Surrey to Barnstaple, Devon

Do not use this company!

The office continually rushed the packers over the phone, therefore our goods were packed very poorly. On arrival, we had 2 unpackers for a job that had 5 people initially packing, therefore they were even more rushed and a considerable amount of damage was done. The senior management were unprofessional, rude and aggressive when handling our claim. Apparently damaging goods when moving house is not a breach of contract! As long as they pack, collect and deliver it doesn't seem to matter what condition the goods arrive in! We claimed just over £500 for repairs and they paid out £191, pitiful!!

Move size: 4 Bedroom Home Service cost: £3360

Thumbnail photo by Andrew Natt of Armishaws Removals Second thumbnail photo by Andrew Natt of Armishaws Removals
John Beck
Nov 22, 2022
Long-distance move from Woking, Surrey to Woking, Surrey


Very unprofessional. Movers were late and did not use care with our possession. Chris Lewis the Sales Manger was very rude when this issue was raised and would not acknowledge any of the issues we raised.

Move size: 4 Bedroom Home Service cost: £2500

Mrs S Edge
Jul 11, 2014
Long-distance move from Bristol, Bristol to Edinburgh, Midlothian

Awful experience.

The Company was very poor with communication, our furniture has not been looked after, a new 6ft mattress now has a hole in it, the men who emptied the house were very good with loading, however the furniture was held in store and has been repacked. This has resulted in dirty handprints to mattresses, and divans. A hike in one mattress, and bad scuff's, scratches to Ercol dining chairs. The furniture was delivered a day late. The company failed to communicate the delay, resulting in us contacting the British Removers Association!Overall a NIGHTMARE experience !!

Service cost: £2592

Jan 08, 2016
International move from Guildford, Surrey to Barcelona, Catalunya

Avoid like the plague!

I can honestly say that I have never very experienced customer service quite as bad as that experienced when dealing with Armishaws Removals. In fact, to call their particular brand of 'service' anything other than rude, arrogant and indifferent in equal measure, would be no exaggeration.

From an original moving date of early December we have now been told that we will not receive delivery of our property (currently in storage with them) until February, and that even that is not guaranteed. They have outright lied to us at times and have only once returned a call.

There are deeply unfair clauses in their contract and I would advise anyone to read it over very very carefully. They have extra charges for lots of things, including accessing your own belongings while they store them.Please, do yourself a huge favour and avoid Armishaws and their associates like the plague. Do not make the same mistake as we did and think that the bad reviews you see on here and other places are exaggerated. They are not. There are better and more professional companies out there who are far more deserving of your hard earned cash and will probably treat you and your possessions with far more dignity than these cowboys. Save yourself the hassle and the court case!

Service cost: £3000

T Neale
May 02, 2017
Long-distance move from Guildford, Surrey to Guildford, Surrey

Dreadful experience.

This move was a nightmare from start to finish. There was a lot of furniture to move and the many moves we have done in the past have been with companies who sent at least 6 men. Armishaws arrived with 3 on the first day and 2 on the second. Needless to say, they were rushing like madmen to try and make the deadline to move out. The result was many items stuffed into boxes (clothes not even folded or hung, just dropped in) which were often incorrectly, and always inadequately, labelled.
They were late on completing the move due to insufficient staff being deployed. Head Office was no help whatsoever in spite of plaintive calls both from me and the foreman. As chance would have it, the new owners of our house were also, unknown to us at the time, using Armishaws for their move and they had the same problems. This meant they were late arriving but Head Office didn't even have the ability to notice this which could have relieved a lot of the pressure on the day of the move fi we had been told the new owners were delayed.
It is true that our move was changed from one going into storage to a move to an unfurnished house just a few days before the move. However, we asked Armishaws if this was possible and they said they could do it. They did not say they could only do a second rate job which is what it turned out to be.
We followed up with a complaint to which they completely failed to acknowledge any responsibility. We have spent months trying to locate missing items (much of it has had to stay in boxes as we are in smaller, rented accommodation before we move into our own house) and they made a stressful event the most stressful of all our moves.
Do not use this company - they don't care.

Service cost: £3400

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Is Armishaws Removals a registered company?

There are no regulations or any required licences for removal companies that operate in the UK; however, if you want to avoid potential issues, check whether the firm you have chosen is registered as a legal business. Verify Companies House records of Armishaws Removals here and make sure the removal company is in good standing.

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  • RHA – Road Haulage Association
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What is Armishaws Removals cost for local moves?

We have calculated an approximate local moving market average price from 45 reviews of people moving within Wiltshire to be £924.

From 10 local reviews for Armishaws Removals, we have calculated an average moving cost of £1990 for local moves.

This could mean that Armishaws Removals is more expensive with about 115% from the market average.

Take note that these local moving prices may vary from the prices you will get if you contact the company, since these costs are based on reviews data and not the movers themselves. Move prices can vary greatly as factors like home size and time spent moving as well as supplemental services like packing and assembly could influence your individual price.

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From 941 reviews of people moving long ditance, we concluded that the market average costs are around £1600 when moving long-distance.

For Armishaws Removals, we estimate that their average long-distance moving costs will be around £2463, based on 9 long distance moving reviews.

This could mean that long-distance moving services costs of Armishaws Removals for moving between states is more expensive with about 54% from the market average.

Note that these long-distance moving prices vary from the prices you will get if you contact the company, since these costs are extracted solely from reviews data and not the moving company. In addition, move prices can vary greatly because of factors like shipment size and distance between locations as well as supplemental services like packing and assembly. This is why you should compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

Average service costs information

We generate average normalized moving cost based on information submitted by people who have reviewed Armishaws Removals. Take note that these prices may vary from the prices you will get if you contact the company, since these costs are based on reviews data and not the removals themselves. Please note that move prices can vary greatly based on factors like home size and distance between locations as well as supplemental services like packing and assembly.

The market averages are generated from reviews on our review sites from the last 3 years. To get more precise moving quotes, please consider using our moving estimator.

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