Moving House Checklist: Interactive Week-By-Week Moving Checklist

To fail to plan is to plan to fail. How true that is when it comes to moving home.

Moving home is a logistical nightmare with so many things to organize. And by now you probably realise that a thorough and well-conceived plan for moving home is crucial to a stress-free moving day, and the key to that plan is an interactive home moving timeline and checklist.

But you don’t just need any old checklist for moving into a new home, no, what you really really need is a free, interactive, printable and downloadable packing and home moving calendar. In fact, you need our ultimate moving checklist. Arguably the best moving checklist available.

Our interactive week-by-week home moving checklist and planner spans an 8-week period, during which time we will break down the whole home packing and moving process into bite-sized chunks. By breaking down the things to do when moving home into weeks, then into specific days of that week, you will avoid the ‘that needs doing this week but I will do it tomorrow’ syndrome, which will end in disaster.

This ultimate home moving planner is interactive because this has to be a plan that is specific to your home move. Whether a first-time move, cross country, local or last-minute home move, you will need this ultimate home moving checklist to help plan a stress-free home move.

In fact, this may be the only home moving checklist you will ever need.

But before the start of the ideal 8-week home-move countdown, declutter your home: Sort out and sell, or giveaway, anything that you will not be moving to your new home. Fewer items to move will mean fewer packing materials, less packing time, less moving day loading and unloading time, a smaller removal vehicle and consequently – reduced costs.

Now, let’s get organized, and introduce you to the ultimate interactive, downloadable printable home moving calendar tool.

Week 8 & 7 before Moving Day

Week 6 & 5 before Moving Day

Weeks 4 & 3 before moving day

2 Weeks before Moving Day

1 Week before Moving Day

Moving Day minus 2

Moving Day minus 1

Moving Day

Moving Day + 1 and beyond

What you add to your interactive house moving calendar will depend upon your circumstances from here on in. There are still a million and one things to do, so please visit the guides and tips library for the many articles that will help you.

Posted on November 28, 2017

Peter Langley

Peter is a regular contributor to the blog and a relocation specialist. He is also a seasoned UK and International homeowner, who now brings the knowledge gained from those moves, to add real-life experience to his work. Peter has also been at various sales and marketing positions within companies in the industry so he has deep knowledge of the relocation process. Since 2017, Peter is involved with the relocation industry in the USA as he has extensive knowledge on long distance household relocation. With his articles, he have helped tens of thousands of people plan their relocation. His work have been featured on many industry blogs and publications. You can contact Peter at

In depth on Moving House Checklist: Interactive Week-By-Week Moving Checklist

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