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RemovalReviews offers the unique opportunity to research the man and a van provider you are considering to use, before the actual move. This will significantly reduce the risk of any unpleasant surprises with your movers or shippers.

The creation of the website was inspired by the many horror moving stories you see every day online. Our goal is to prevent as many bad moving experiences as possible, and at the same time, to support the businesses that offer superior relocation services.

Why we do what we do (or simply put, a mission statement)

We work hard to deliver an easy to use platform for anyone that wants to share their experience with their moving or auto transport company online and spread the word out. We strive to do that by developing powerful tools to ease the relocation process - moving estimators, resources, smartphone apps, moving tips and guides.

Global reach in the moving reviews industry

RemovalReviews has grown faster than we had expected. With our 10 years of experience we learned the nuts and bolts of the industry and have always worked hard to create the best products for you to use and enjoy.

Thanks to our expert knowledge in field, we have grown to markets other than the US. What we did is launch both: for the UK. for Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

It turned out to be a great idea, as all websites evolved into reputable and trusted sources for moving company reviews.

We would like to thank our users for participating and being actively involved in creating a better way to choose moving companies. Thanks to their reviews, moving a home or office has never been so safe and predictive.

MoveAdvisor is our smartphone app for iOS and Android as well as our moving leads and phone transfers offering portal. We are moving our MyMovingLoads service portal for moving companies to the new MoveAdvisor brand.

Rate your movers - share your moving story

Now you know the best place on the Web for your moving story. Help other people find their best removal provider by rating your removal company. Our visitors use this website as a detailed catalog of the moving industry based on your relocation experience. With your moving review you actively stimulate the man-and-a-van firms to provide even better moving services. We hope that we have helped you, the moving company customer, to receive a better service from them.

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RemovalReviews is dedicated to help people move smoother, faster and easier all over the globe.

We continue to innovate by adding new products to the group and we work around the clock to update and enhance the current tools so you can have a smooth moving experience.

We value your personal data. This is why we use the latest technology for data protection so that your personal details are safe and secure. We also comply with the GDPR legal framework.

In the news and press

Our reputable moving experts and writers are frequently asked to share their point of view on the industry in many of the famous media and news outlets. We have also been featured on many reputable outlets like newspapers, magazines and TV. Here are just some of those mentions:

Media relations

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The Team

They know moving inside-out. Experienced professionals with many years of relocation experience, authors of books, research reports and industry interviews. This is just a small part of our esteemed team of professionals that make this website possible.

Jessica Ryan

Moving industry expert

Jessica Ryan is an experienced moving expert and writer of in-depth informative articles and useful relocation guides. She likes to focus on the small details that make every person unique and every moment worth living by incorporating non-traditional ideas, solutions and points of view in her work.

Peter Langley

Moving industry expert in United Kingdom

Peter is a relocation specialist and a regular contributor to our United Kingdom portal RemovalReviews. He is also a seasoned UK and International homeowner, who now brings the knowledge gained from those moves, to add real-life experience to his work. Being at both sides of the fence, Peter knows the industry really well.

Martin Panayotov

Moving industry expert

His passion is online marketing. He has been involved in the moving industry since 2004. Since then, Martin has been monitoring the industry and has been helping people find a professional moving companies and be prepared for the moving day. This is why in 2008, Martin founded what today is one of the largest relocation marketplaces worldwide. Making people educated about the pitfalls and the regulations is what drives him to continue help people take better decisions.

Manuella Irwin

Moving industry expert

Manuella has been cited in national and international media, including FOX News, Forbes and USA Today. She has also co-authored two books about the moving process and is also featured in respected industry websites and magazines like the AMSA’s Direction magazine, Zillow and Trulia, Yahoo Homes, and She has a profound knowledge of the U.S. moving industry and its consumer protection laws.

Pamela Smith

Moving industry expert

Pamela Smith has published numerous useful moving resources, relocation guides, and in-depth analysis on almost any kind of moving-related topic. During her career, Pamela wrote for multiple moving industry blogs including My Moving Reviews, The Moving Blog and others. She is a recognized co-author of the book "Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat - Your Personal Handbook For A Perfect Move" that was well-received by the users as well as featured in main stream news outlets as Business Insider.

Authors of books

The team from RemovalReviews took the challenge to create books about the moving process. The products are comprehensive, actionable and easy to understand

Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat

Your Personal Handbook For A Perfect Move

The ultimate moving eBook is finally available to anyone who wishes to get ready for a perfect move. In urban legends we often come across the banal phrase that moving is always a stressful and costly experience which is beyond our control and which leaves us to the mercy of moving companies.

The truth remains hidden within the majority of such urban legends, and the facts get replaced by an imaginary reality, often painted in depressingly dark colors. However, the reasonable modern world shatters these myths with the help of carefully selected and proven facts, and logically structured information. In simple words, information nowadays is our most valuable and desirable resource.

Learn more about this book

Moving and Packing for Winners

Outsmart Your Upcoming Move

Moving And Packing For Winners: Outsmart Your Upcoming Move is a dedicated project that best summarizes the modern packing practices by offering a great deal of moving tips, including DIY relocation advice, a complete packing guide for a successful move, and more.

The book centers on your moving arrangements: your mental preparation, great organizing ideas, the top moving mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as how to proceed when the law prohibits movers from taking some of your household items.

Learn more about this book

Why should I use RemovalReviews?

Glad you ask that. These are just some of the benefits:

  • Better Moving Rates
  • Getting the Moving Rate that fits your budget is another thing we try to accomplish. All the Movers you see in your region are rated by actual customers, so you can select the moving company that best fits your moving budget. We have created the ultimate movers catalog with extended information on every moving company and details on every single move. We offer the opportunity to contact the review writer before trusting it if he is willing to be contacted.

    See Movers Ratings by State

  • Free Moving Quotes and Estimates
  • We will contact you with professional licensed and insured moving companies. By filling our free moving calculators or moving estimate forms, you will be contacted by professionals with your approximate moving cost calculation. After receiving your quotes you can compare movers by reading some moving company reviews and decide to go with the best company.

  • Better Moving Service
  • Many people before you have used your moving provider and have some comments about the moving service. Instead of reading in most cases manipulated moving reviews and moving references provided by the mover, you can now read the real customers' moving experiences and moving testimonials at RemovalReviews. Now you can easily post a review online. You can also investigate your moving provider, check its moving license information with one click of a button - right in the moving company profile.

  • Reliable Movers near you
  • A complete list of states with ratings of all moving providers in the RemovalReviews index is available to all our visitors. Just select the state you are located in and select a moving provider you can trust based on the many customer ratings available online. Compare movers based on reviews, consumer reports, testimonials and complaints.

Mobile Apps

Get moved smarter and have more control. A free moving checklist app that gives you complete control over the organizational stage of your upcoming relocation. With this personal helper on your device, you will no longer waste entire days to research moving companies and will avoid spending hours on the phone with movers.
Download for iOS and Android.

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