Just like any other moving business out there, you want to get more for your dime when you buy moving leads. That is why the best investment you can make is to invest in higher quality leads.

We specialize in delivering top-quality leads for professional moving companies with exceptional customer support over email and phone. It is all about giving you the opportunity to focus completely on your business processes, while we do the rest for you.

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Real-time, phone validated moving leads.

Just a few reasons why you should give us a try:

  • Browse leads into the MoveAdvisor portal to manage everything conveniently even from your phone.
  • Have your leads imported to your own moving software or e-mail.
  • Get additional delivery methods like real-time text message notifications (SMS) for new leads.
  • Instant delivery of most moving leads to increase the conversion rate of your sales people.
  • Leads distribution between you and a maximum of 3 more service providers for a higher conversion rate.
  • Competitive pricing model.
  • Set up lead filters based on locations, regions, move dates, distance between locations, and more to fit your requirements.
  • Easily adjust daily lead caps or monthly budget limits.
  • Easily return bad leads through a simple void process.
  • Free phone support 6 day per week with extended working hours for your time zone.
  • Real-time phone number verification (via RealValidation), so you get only accurate contact information.
  • Extensive weekly or monthly lead reports in Excel.
  • Get the full household items list and a digital inventory for some leads.

To keep our position as a leading moving leads provider, we have diversified to a steady flow of various types of leads:

  • US local and interstate moving leads
  • Canadian moving leads
  • Leads within and from the United Kingdom.
  • European and Australian local and interstate moving leads
  • International moving leads.

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More verified leads for your business

We understand. There is nothing more frustrating than investing in leads, which hardly convert to paying customers. You get not only phone number verification protection, but also moving leads, which are shared with no more than 3 other moving companies– and it’s very likely that some leads would be exclusively for you.

Get real-time leads delivery for both phone calls and web leads - no delays.

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Greater return for your business efforts

Your free moving leads management account - detailed information.

We have designed everything around saving your time and expenses for better results. Register your free leads management account to generate reports for a custom time period in PDF or Excel to save your employees’ time and frustration in their everyday activities. Filter leads based on locations, distance between locations, types (local, international or long distance leads), move date, move size, household or vehicle move and other factors and pay only for what you need.

Saves money, increases efficiency

Be protected and in control of your moving leads

Part of the reason why RemovalReviews is the top provider of moving leads since 2008 is because we get from RemovalReviews both web leads through quote forms and phone leads from our call center. Even with all our cutting-edge leads verification process, it might happen that a bad lead goes through the system, though it’s highly unlikely. In that case, we’ve made it easy for you to return bad leads through an easy void process. Now you can have total control over your business strategy by putting daily leads caps or daily budget limits.

Get protection and take control of your budget – get quality moving leads

Know exactly what needs to be moved without wasting time

After you buy moving leads, your sales team needs to call each potential customer and try to find out what he/she is moving. This is an inefficient, old-school process and you might end up paying more for salaries than your return. Fortunately, we have found a solution to your problem.

Our premium leads come from user-filled home inventory list application for all modern devices. It allows you to get an accurate estimation of the move sizes of your potential customers straight to your system or e-mail – allowing your salespeople to focus on more important matters.

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