You’re moving. Whether it’s a residential or commercial move at some point you are going to have to physically move everything from A to B and whether that is Arbourthorne to Beighton or Attercliffe to Birley the questions you need to ask about your local removal company are the same. A move is a big undertaking and you will want it to go as smoothly as possible so here are some questions you should ask when you are choosing between removal companies in Sheffield.

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1. Do you actually need a removal company?

The answer is almost certainly yes. When soap opera characters leave a show they seem to be able to walk off into the sunset with their worldly belongings packed in a duffel bag, but unless you are an obsessive minimalist it’s highly likely you will have a huge amount to relocate. It is estimated the average home has £35,000 of content in it. All of which will need packing, loading, moving and unloading and unpacking. Take a sample room you are moving and try to walk through that process with a selection of items in there and you will quickly see the value in hiring a professional moving company.

2. What type of move do you want?

Removal companies offer many types of service. Think about what you are moving and how that might affect your choice. Moving a home full of soft furnishings is very different to moving an office full of computer equipment. It’s important to make sure the removal company you use are able to carry out the type of job you would like.

You also need to think about packing. Most removal companies will offer a packing service. While you might think that packing is a part of moving, think again about the number of items in your house that need packing up and how long that will take you. Whatever number you come up with it will be a lot longer than it would take a professional removal company with the expertise that comes from experience. It also has the benefit of reducing the risk of breakage in transit that goes with badly packed items. It’s little wonder most people who have had it would recommend opting for packing in your move.

3. Do you need any extras?

Moving isn’t always straightforward. When you are looking at the local removal companies in Sheffield you should think about anything you might need beyond the standard move. Will you need extra time to pack and unpack so want to have packing crates and boxes for longer? Are you moving two homes into one? Do you need to co-ordinate timings and what is coming from each? Or is there a delay in the process, so after packing your goods need to be in storage until your new location is ready? Even if you don’t think you need anything beyond a simple move there are advantages to using a company that can offer these extras. Moves do not always go to plan. You will have a great deal of reassurance knowing that you are with a company that has the capacity to deal with the unforeseen.

4. Does your local removal company have a good reputation?

Whether a commercial or a residential move you are moving part of your life. Even if the move is short, you are placing a huge amount of trust in your removal firm and you need to make sure that trust is deserved.

Take some time to do some research. If you are using a local Sheffield removal firm then you may well know people who have used them in the past who can share their experience. If you don’t know anyone who has moved recently then there are still plenty of other ways you can check. Try searching for online reviews or references to companies on forums to check that people have had positive experiences in the past. If you can’t find anything, good or bad, you might want to investigate further, if it’s a new company you might still be able to find out something about its founders and their experience. You might always want to check Companies House to make sure it’s a legitimate company and isn’t just someone with a van and some friends making a bit of cash on the side.

5. Is your removal company registered with the British Association of Removers?

Removal companies don’t have to be members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) but there are lots of benefits in choosing a company that has joined. BAR has been the membership body of removal companies for over 100 years and as well as representing the removals industry has adopted lots of practices to protect the customer. Companies joining BAR must meet minimum standards to be accredited and, once a member, are assessed annually to ensure they continue to meet those standards.

Importantly they must also agree to a code of conduct which further protects their customers. If you use a BAR member company then you can be confident that you are working with a company that is dedicated to providing a quality service. If things do go wrong, though, you will also know that the company is committed to making things right, has adequate insurance and robust measures in place if you do need to complain afterwards.

Your choice

When you are moving it often feels like there are a thousand and one things you need to do and track. Have you redirected the mail, have you disconnected the supplies, does Great Aunt Milly have your new address? The most important part of a move, though, is the move itself. By taking a little time to think about exactly what you need and from that exactly what you are looking for in a removal company, will help you choose a great local Sheffield removal company who can ensure at least that part of the moving process is stress-free.

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