What the latest lockdown rules mean for moving house

The national lockdown might be driving you to despair at the prospect of months looking at the same four walls you had already examined in huge detail during last year’s lockdowns. But is the prospect of moving house in Sheffield or Rotherham just a fantasy? Or is a change of scenery, or at least walls, really possible? So what are the latest lockdown rules mean for moving house

Being able to move house during lockdown may be surprising to you. Despite the appearance that a national lockdown is stricter than the previous tier systems. The current lockdown is significantly more relaxed than the last one. House moving is one of the beneficiaries of that more relaxed approach.

Why you can still move in house in these lockdown rules?

There are two main reasons that more is permitted in this year’s lockdown than was allowed last year. Firstly, there is a better understanding of the virus and how it is transmitted, by scientists & the public. It is, therefore, reckoned that some activities can be carried out more safely than previously.

The second is that the government is trying to balance the safety of the public with keeping the economy moving as much as possible. The economic activity around housing, therefore, is seen as an area with things can keep moving in an industry that can adapt to safe working practices. This helps save jobs in businesses like estate agents, surveyors, builders and (very importantly for us!) removal companies.

What’s changed during lockdown

While it’s still possible to move, you should be aware that the process is different during the pandemic. If you are moving house in Sheffield or Rotherham or even beyond it’s a long process at the best of times, but coronavirus has added complications.

For a start, viewings are trickier because of the need for social distancing. You might have to consider virtual viewings to create a shortlist for physical viewing, rather than visiting lots of properties. Viewings will also need careful planning to ensure social distancing is maintained and household mixing avoided. Carefully plan viewings to ensure you’re socially distancing. As well as this, make sure no household mixing is made.

You should also be prepared to experience delays at short notice. If a household has to self-isolate, or worse still has a confirmed case of Covid, they will not be able to move; a virus is unconcerned with completion dates. Even if you are just travelling a few miles moving house in Rotherham or Sheffield, being in a chain might mean that an infection several links along and hundreds of miles away will delay everyone’s move. Patience and flexibility are the keywords.

Finally, when it comes to the actual move be prepared for distancing, masks, and a lot of hand-washing. The removal team will be as professional as ever, but the need to keep their distance from you and colleagues will slow the process as they have to coordinate the transfer of goods from old home, to van, to new home.

The pandemic has put a lot of normal life on standstill, but moving house in Sheffield and Rotherham is still possible, just very different. We wonder what the next lockdown rules will mean for moving house.

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