Tips for moving fragile items

Moving house can be risky for your fragile items. Loading and unloading all your belongings, plus the transport and handling, means there are lots of opportunities for accidents. But making sure you spend the time to pack properly can minimise the risk that comes with moving fragile items.

Make sure you use the right equipment

The first of our tips for moving fragile items. It is easy to think that a box is a box, but when it comes to moving make sure you use sturdy boxes that are suitable for the stress and rigour of moving. That box you saved from your latest delivery might have been great at protecting what was it was designed for, but not too good at transporting a lot of loose items.

Ideally use proper moving boxes that your removal company can provide, and make sure they are securely taped. This way you will know they are up to the job, and they won’t collapse or allow things to drop out in transit.

Wrap fragile items

Another of our tips for moving fragile items. It perhaps goes without saying, but you should carefully and individually wrap fragile items to protect them. Use your judgement to decide exactly how each should be wrapped. While many things might be perfectly safe just wrapped in a few sheets of old newspaper, there are likely to be other things that you want to pay more attention to.

Your removal company will be able to provide suitable supplies for the other items that really do need special care. So, while a pile of old newspapers might suffice for most things, it might be worth investing in a roll of bubble wrap for those precious vases, for example.

Pack well

When you are moving fragile items, think carefully about how you pack. Fine china can be swaddled in bubble wrap, but if you put it at the bottom of a heavy box then it might not survive the first bump in the road.

Just like any packing, make sure your heavy items are on the bottom, and use plenty of caution when estimating how much weight something can bear. It might be fine sitting in that box on your living room floor, but the stresses will increase when it is being moved around.

And make sure that you fill the gaps when you are packing. Damage is often caused by items moving around while they are in transit. Making sure you fill spaces in your package boxes helps prevent that. You might to keep rolled up socks with your dinner service usually, but it might be an ideal time to do that when you are moving!

Use professionals

Perhaps the best way to keep everything safe when you are moving fragile items is to use professionals. Although a professional moving company with come with full insurance, they also come with lots of experience. Many breaks will happen during DIY moves when people drop items or bump into each other, or when they don’t handle things properly or load the vehicle well.

Using professionals means that you have people who know exactly how to keep your belongings safe, and while you should write fragile on those boxes, when you have professionals, everything will be handled with care.

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