Students settling into Student homes

Being a student can be difficult, especially when you are settling into your Sheffield student accommodation. It can be daunting, especially if it’s the first time you have lived away from home. And you might find yourself surrounded by strangers if you have no school friends going to the same place with you. Here’s how Students can settling into their Student homes

However, being a student in Sheffield is likely to be one of the most rewarding and exiting times of your life, and, like any academic work, taking a methodological approach can make it so much easier.

1. Fill your cupboards

The first thing to do is unpack and find a home for all your belongings. Depending on your accommodation and living arrangements, that might be as simple as unpacking clothes, but you may also have household appliances and utensils that need to find a place.

2. Make your space your own

Once you have everything put away, you can start thinking about making your space your own. You are likely to be faced with some very bare walls, and they may well be pockmarked with the pins and Blu Tack of previous residents. If you haven’t come prepared with decoration, think about how you can individualise your space. And think beyond the cliché of student rooms adorned with posters; using cheap frames, light fabrics and even fairy lights can transform what might be a small square room into something totally different.

3. Get to know your neighbours

It’s likely everyone is in the same boat as you, new to Sheffield and starting their student experience. So, if they haven’t already, pop around and say hi. It might be the start of a life-long friendship, at the very least, it’s useful to know who you will be living next to for the coming year!

4. Stay connected

You might be starting a new phase in your life, but you shouldn’t forget about the friends and family elsewhere, just because you are a student in Sheffield it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep in touch. Don’t forget, if your parents were students, they were probably forced to write letters or queue for the communal phone. Now you can get in touch with everyone from your phone or use any number of social media apps to keep in touch and make sure everyone is up to date with how you are doing.

5. Begin your adventure

Finally, make sure you start your adventure quickly. Sheffield is a great city to be a student, so get out and explore, discovering what’s great about your local area, student life, and the city. There are likely to be plenty of offers available, especially in the early weeks of the term, as businesses and venues try to win you as new customers. Don’t fall into the trap that many students do, of signing up for everything, but think about what you want the next three years to be like. You will be forming memories that last a lifetime, so make sure you choose them as carefully as you can! You Students are assured to be settling into your new Student homes.

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