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Most people think of moving as something that happens in a single day. Of course, there will be work that takes place around it. The packing and unpacking might be spread over days or weeks (and many people have boxes they don’t unpack for years), but most people assume the move happens on the same day. But what if it can’t, and you need storage space in Sheffield for your belongings as part of your move?

Why you might need storage space in Sheffield

Not all moves can take place on the same day. Sometimes, it simply isn’t possible to align the day you leave somewhere and the day you move in. Sometimes, the gap can be quite prolonged. You might find that your dream home doesn’t match your moving plans, and you have to use a short-term rent as an interim home. Or your work might take you away, meaning that you are moving out of one home for a prolonged period until you return to find somewhere new. Or perhaps you are downsizing but need somewhere to keep furniture and belongings until they can be re-distributed.


There are, of course, plenty of storage spaces available in South Yorkshire, it has been a growth industry throughout the nation. But using a storage provider is inconvenient. As well as managing your move, you will also have to move your belongings into storage, adding to the stress of the process and creating more work before your moving date.

An easier solution is to incorporate it into a managed move. That means that you can pack everything up and let your removal company take care of it. Then, when they collect everything from your old house, they can just take things where they need to go. If some furniture is going to your short-term home and the rest to storage, or it’s all going into storage for several months until you are ready for our new home, your removal company can take care of everything.

What do you need to check?

To make sure your belongings are as safe as they would be in your own home, there are a few things you should also check or ask.

First, always deal with a professional moving company that have the skills, expertise, and facilities to manage your move. Check for companies with a long history and good reputation.

Second, make sure their facilities are secure. It’s no good putting your belongings in storage if they are just kept in a yard with no security and are constantly at risk of theft or vandalism. Good companies will have invested heavily in making sure their storage facilities are as secure as they can be.

Third, and final, look for containerised storage. If you are moving on the same day, you’d expect an empty van to arrive, and an empty van to leave. And it’s the same with storage. Using containerised storage means there’s no risk of things going astray or getting mixed up. All your belonging go into, and come out of, the same container.

Looking for these simple things means that, however complex your move, you can minimise the chances of things going wrong.

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