For many people, storage in Sheffield has become a essential. While rising house prices have meant that people often stay longer in smaller homes, increased affluence means people own more than any of their ancestors ever did. These, seemingly contradictory, trends have fuelled the rise in storage. So, while storage has long been an option for people, perhaps to store belongings while they were working away for a prolonged period, or as a short-term measure during moves, it is now an everyday option for many people.

There is plenty for choice for storage in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Its large population creates significant demand for storage from the regular moves and changes of life. But what do you need to consider when looking for storage?

1. Why you need storage in Sheffield

It’s worth thinking about why you need storage. For example, storing something for a few weeks or months, perhaps during a move or while work is done to your home, is very different from a long-term storage. Understanding the reason you are considering storage will give you clues that will guide your search for the right storage in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

2. How you will access it

Different storage options will offer different access options. Some might offer twenty-four-hour access; some might need you to book ahead. If you can plan ahead, you can probably get a much better deal on your storage.

3. How you will store it

You might think it’s a case of taking the items you are storing and leaving them there. And some storage facilities will basically do this, it can be the equivalent of renting a cupboard! But also think about what might happen. Do you have things that you need to keep dust-free, do you want to have sealed bags to protect against a burst pipe? Just like storing things at home, think about how you might keep them safe. Storage is usually fine, but accidents happen.

4. How much it will cost you

Think about how much storage will cost you. It’s possible to get some great deals but think about how much it will cost you over the longer term, especially if prices shoot up after an introductory offer. And even if you are looking at a limited time for your storage needs, add in a bit extra to make sure you can cover it. What if your overseas work assignment is extended? Or those building works overrun?

5. If you really need storage

Finally, thank about whether you really need storage. You might really want to hand down your beloved toys and books to your children or grandchildren, but will storage cost far more than they be worth? Or, if you are emptying a room to turn it into a nursery for a few years, will you really want to bring that old furniture back afterwards? We sometimes keep hold of things when someone else could get use from them (and you could get some money from eBay).

Once you understand your storage needs, choosing a provider is much easier. And if you need any advice, just ask, and we can share some of our customers’ favourites.

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