Moving home is an exciting experience. Suddenly, the images you had of lazy Sundays in your new bedroom, breakfast in that kitchen or lounging on the sofa in the living room become your reality. But how do you make sure that settling into your Sheffield home happens as quickly as possible.

First, make it your home

While an empty house or flat has the excitement of being a blank canvass, it isn’t really a home. So, unless you are having major work or decoration done, make it a priority to get things in place. Unpacking can be a chore, but it is necessary, and the sooner you aren’t living out of boxes the sooner you can call it home.

You will probably have pictures and ornaments from your previous home and getting these out, on the walls or on display is one of the quickest and easiest ways to mark it as your space. Don’t be put off by thinking about what can go where, you will have lots of time to change things and get them right.

Meet the neighbours

It’s always a good idea to say hello to your neighbours soon after you move in, perhaps even on the day you move in. Neighbours do come in all shapes and sizes, but usually they are nice, and everyone is curious about new people moving in. Saying ‘hi’ means, at least, you know the faces in the area, and it’s always possible you are meeting some new best friends.

Get to know the area

You aren’t just settling into your new Sheffield home, you are settling into your new Sheffield neighbourhood. Even if it’s an area you are familiar with, it’s unlikely you are familiar with your exact location in it: a new home can bring a new perspective.

Taking some time to meander will help you get familiar with the new locale. Whether it’s planning your journey into work, finding the local shops, or just seeking out the local, exploring your local area will help you settle in and start to feel truly at home.

Start planning

You might only just have moved in, but no home stays the same forever. Whether you are thinking about a major remodelling or a little decoration, think about how you can make your new home truly yours. Frequently homes will have been touched up by the sellers, often in quite neutral tones, to maximise the attraction to buyers. Now it’s yours you can start thinking about all those drastic changes you want to make!

Make it your home

Ultimately, the best way to make a house a home is by living in it. Once you’ve covered all the practical elements like unpacking and finding your way around you can start looking at the more fun things. Whether that’s a big housewarming party, an intimate dinner party, or just cosying up in your big armchair with a book, it’s time to start making the memories that will last long after you move out.

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