Summer is, without question, the peak season for moving. The weather is (usually) nice, schools are on holiday, and everything is that bit quieter. And, predictably, Autumn is a much quieter period for moves. Not only have people tried to get their moves done in the Summer months, but there is also a tendency for people to settle in for Winter. But actually, moving in Autumn can be a great time to, mainly because it isn’t Summer!

Moving in autumn. House and office removals in Sheffield & South Yorkshire.

Moving in Autumn removes lots of the stresses that were there in Summer. Because there isn’t the pressure of moving during a high-demand time, there is less stress. And because demand is lower, it can help reduce some costs too, things like removals may be cheaper, for example. However, there are some things that you need to think about that are specific to Autumn.

What issues might you face when moving in Autumn?

One of the first is that the world has started to move again. With people taking holidays, Summer is a quiet time for many people. However, in Autumn, that relaxed feeling might have disappeared. If you are planning an Autumn move, make sure that you aren’t adding too much stress on top of a busy job. If you have children, you should also think about how they might handle the move. Especially if it might involve a school move. Children might be remarkably resilient, but make sure the move is planned as far ahead as possible to minimise the disruption they would have at the beginning of the school year.

However, the main issues you face might be seasonal. If the British Summer is unpredictable, so too is the British Autumn. Your move might take place in an Indian Summer or in the middle of a torrential downpour, and you will have to prepare for both. You can, however, generally reckon on the temperatures being lower. Typically, this is more comfortable for the physical work that moving involves.

Preparation for moving in Autumn

One thing you should definitely prepare for, though, are leaves. While the changing of the leaves might be beautiful, they also bring risks. Whether it’s the danger of slipping on wet leaves, or the risk of them concealing hazards, make sure you have a brush to clear the pathways that you and your movers will be using. Even if the leaves look dry, they can often conceal slippery wet leaves underneath. The last thing you want is an injured family member or mover.

You should also be prepared for bad weather and making sure you can protect any surfaces. Even the most assiduous foot-wiping will, given the number of journeys in and out of the house there are in a typical move, bring some of the dirt from outside in, and may even risk damaging any coverings or floors.

And, finally, don’t forget about the nights pulling in! It will start getting dark surprisingly early, especially after the end of British Summer Time, and this might well have an impact on your move.

But, with good planning and preparation, there’s no reason an Autumn move won’t go smoothly. And you’ll be able to settle into your new home in plenty of time to enjoy cosy Winter nights under your new roof.

Next Steps for moving in Autumn

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