Moving house in Summer

When you think about moving, there are lots of important questions to ask. As any estate agent will tell you, where you move is vitally important. The reason why you are moving can help you narrow your search, and how you move is critical to making sure it all goes smoothly. But have you thought about when you move? Moving house in summer is a popular option for many. And there are several good reasons why you should consider a summer move in Sheffield.

The move is just nicer!

Most people are happier in summer. So moving house in summer just makes sense. The improved weather helps to lift the mood and put a spring in people’s step. And that also helps make moving better too.

You can’t rely on the British weather, but it is usually better in summer. And that brings benefits for moving. There are fewer perils on the road when it’s dry, and the physical act of moving is easier: there’s no rain-soaked cardboard boxes or slipping on icy pavements. And these can even make moving slightly cheaper, your moving insurance might be a little less to account for the safer conditions.

The children are on holiday

This is an obvious benefit for those who have children. It’s certainly hard to manage a move when you are also navigating a school run, or complicating the matter with children who are nervous about a new home and a new school. While those stresses are unavoidable, they are easier to deal with when you don’t have the stress of moving too.

But there’s also an advantage for those that don’t have children. The roads are generally quieter when Sheffield’s schools are on holiday. A combination of fewer people driving because they have to do the school run, along with lots of families taking their holidays, means that movers frequently find that part of their job a lot easier during summer.

Packing and unpacking is easier

The longer days are a huge benefit when you are moving. Working in natural daylight is a lot easier than working under artificial light. So even though you might be up just as late with last-minute packing, you are likely to be less fatigued by it.

Unpacking and settling in is nicer, too. Longer days combined with better weather might mean simple things like being able to air a new house as you work, or simply enjoy a cup of tea — or a glass or wine — in the garden. But these simple things can make a big difference, helping the unpacking and settling in go quicker, with less stress.

And the downside?

The main downside of a summer move is that it’s a very popular option, and lots of people try to book their move for the summer months. If you are timing your move for the summer, it’s sensible to plan ahead as far as possible and book a mover as soon as you can. Removal companies will frequently find they are fully booked for summer long before spring is over.

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