Moving home is commonly listed as one of the most stressful things you can do. But wherever you are moving in Sheffield there are plenty of things you can do to make your move less stressful, the most important of all is to thoroughly plan your move. It’s impossible to guarantee that everything will go smoothly, but by thinking ahead you greatly increase your chances, come moving day, of being able to wake up in one place. Let Acorn removals, a local removal company, take the strain, and you could be making yourself a cuppa in your new home by the afternoon.

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In the month before moving home

Perhaps most importantly you need to find and book a removal company: unless you can physically move home there is no point in any of the other tasks. Assuming you have your movers booked then six to four weeks before the move you should start letting people know you are moving.

Who you need to inform of a move will be different for each person. There are a many bodies that will spring immediately to mind, like your bank and credit card companies, the utility companies who provide your gas and electricity and other services like your GP and dentist. There will be organisations you do not think of immediately, though. It’s useful to monitor your mail, since that might provide some prompts, like that magazine subscription or a society of which you are a member. It’s also useful to check bank statements for the past year, since that will uncover the people you are paying, and those that you pay less often, like memberships, are often the ones that you forget.

In the weeks before moving home

You should also take this time to start preparing. While you cannot pack your life away for weeks you can make a start on things you know you won’t need: if you are moving in the depths of winter it’s unlikely you’ll need any beachwear in your current home. It’s also a great opportunity to declutter. You probably have a good picture of how your new home will look, so take this time to get rid of all those things you’ve accumulated that won’t fit in rather than having to do that when you are there.

As the move draws nearer you should start thinking about practical aspects of moving day itself. Whilst your removal company will take care of much of it they cannot do everything. If you have pets or young children you might need to look at making arrangements for them on moving day to keep them safe from the hustle and bustle.

Depending on where you are moving to and from you will also need to think about how you get access. Removal vehicles can be large so you might need to make arrangements to ensure they can get close enough to where they need to be. There are lots of controlled and residents’ parking zones in Sheffield so you might need to make arrangements. If you are using a local Sheffield removal company then they will be able to advise you from their experience.

In the days before moving home

As you get closer to moving day you will be doing your last-minute preparations. You will, hopefully, have everything well in hand by this stage but it’s worth running through things to make sure, at the very least it will give you peace of mind but it might uncover something you have forgotten so you can handle it before it’s too late.

You should review your plan for the day itself so you are confident of how it will go and ensure you know things like when you need to leave your old home and when you can move in to your new one. And while there will be final packing to complete you should also pack yourself an essentials bag that, if needed, can see you through a day or two with everything you will need. Then you won’t need to worry about which box your toothbrush is in, or have to move an entire room just to get clean underwear after a long moving day.

You also need to look after yourself, depending on the size and distance of the move you may have to think about meals and possibly overnight accommodation. At the very least consider making sure there is a kettle, tea-bags and biscuits unpacked and readily available at all times!

Moving day

Most of the hard work will be done by your removal company moving you across Sheffield but that does not mean you are totally off the hook. You have those final few things to do. Before you close the door on your old home for the last time make sure you get the meter readings for your final utility bills. You might also need to give your old home one last clean, especially if you are renting where the contract might stipulate this.

Even when you get to your new home you still can’t relax. You need the meter readings here too, for your new bills, but it’s also worth making sure to take a tour. This isn’t just to enjoy your new home, but also to make sure you know where all those boring but important bits like the stop-cock, fuse box and any thermostats are. You should also make sure that everything is working, so you know you have lights, running water and a working boiler.

And relax

You might still have lots of unpacking to do and there might be that one box that you never actually unpack as long as you live there, but now you are in your new home the hard work is all behind you. If you took the advice about making sure you always had a kettle and biscuits ready this might be the time to toast your home in a new bit of Sheffield (and perhaps offer a cuppa to your removal company). Or, if you have it, maybe open something a little stronger. You deserve it.

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