How to properly pack your items for moving house

If you are putting things in storage, then packing might not have been something you have thought about. Packing properly for storage, however, is probably more important than packing for a house move. You may be wondering how to properly pack your items for moving house.

Why are you using storage?

The first question you need to ask yourself is; why you are using storage, since that will guide how to pack properly. For some people, everything might be going into storage and coming out at the same time. For others, they may be putting things into storage but collecting different bits on different dates. Perhaps even some time apart.

Whether it’s part of a move or even a longer-term storage, understanding what you are doing will help you pack more effectively. So when the time comes, you can move things out more easily. If you are likely to be removing items in stages, think about how that might work. Think whether you can pack for those moves, or even pack in categories, so things can easily be found in storage.

Use quality materials

Whatever you are packing for, always use the best materials you can. Boxes you rescued from the supermarket and the novelty tape you use for wrapping presents is not ideal. Especially when things may be in storage for some time.

You should also think about what might happen in storage. Aside from the risks that are inherent in any moving operation which mean you need to pack in a way that everything is protected (even with professionals accidents may be rare, but they do happen), you should also consider the risks that might exist in storage.

Storage facilities are usually carefully controlled, but they can’t always control what is put in there, and however hard you try there is always dust. Make sure that your packing is well-sealed if it needs to be, and that anything you are storing is not perishable. Double-check as you pack as well, people often forget things like batteries in appliances that, over time, corrode.

Pack sensibly!

Packing for storage should be no different to packing for any move. Many people make the mistake of considering a storage unit as one big box, but instead they should think about it as what it is, a storage area.

Think about what you are packing and where it will go. Follow the usual advice of packing heavy things at the bottom of boxes and making sure you don’t overload boxes. And make sure you label everything, there have been plenty of accidents caused by people forgetting what was in a box and then being caught out by its weight, or not treating it with enough care and damaging fragile contents.

Taking your time, thinking about why and how you pack, and using quality materials — you can get these from any removal company — will save you lots of time, and avoid damage, when you take everything out of storage. There we have it, you now know how to properly pack your items for moving house.

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