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Friday has long been the most popular day for people to move. And it’s not hard to see why Friday removals in Sheffield are so popular. People envisage taking a day off work, giving themselves a long weekend to unpack and settle into their new home before getting back to the grind. It’s an enticing prospect that maximises those exciting early days in a new home while minimising disruption to the rest of the week.

Why Friday removals are unlucky for some

You don’t need to be superstitious to realise that Friday might not be the best day for a move. In fact, for the majority of people involved, it might be about the worst day possible.

If you think about your move, there are already lots of people involved. There are the movers for a start and, despite the demand for Friday removals in Sheffield, they work more than one day a week! Then you will have your solicitor, who will have to manage the conclusion to the conveyancing process on the day. Then you are likely to have buyers and sellers either side of you, each with their own movers and solicitors.

Finally, think about the whole chain, each link with its own movers and solicitors. And all those solicitors may well be dealing with several moves on a particular day.

What can go wrong?

When you think about all the people involved, it quickly becomes apparent that your little move is just a small part of a complex process with dozens of people involved. And it only takes one thing to go wrong for everything else to start going wrong.

A problem with one of the moves in the chain can start delaying everything else. And what is already a pressured day for a solicitor can quickly become an impossible day as they try to complete, while the clock is ticking away. Indeed, the problem does not even need to start in your chain. Problems with a completely unrelated move might affect a solicitor who is also handling a move in your chain.

And when things go wrong on a Friday, there is little room to fix things. Given completions frequently happen late in the day at the best of times, a last-minute hitch can mean it’s impossible to rectify in time and, because of the weekend, everyone is stuck in place until Monday morning.

When you consider all the potential causes for delay, it’s actually a testament to the professionalism of the moving industry that Friday hasn’t got a terrible reputation for moves.

What can you do?

The easiest solution is not to move on Friday.

While the risk of a Friday moving disaster might be low, it is always there. And choosing another day to move removes it entirely. Then, if things do go wrong, and they can’t be resolved that day, you only need to wait until 9am the next day to get them fixed. And to make it an even more attractive prospect, there is a lot more availability for movers on other days.

And if that doesn’t persuade you, don’t forget, you will earn the gratitude of all those people whose lives you are making a little less stressful by avoiding a Friday move!

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