Best tips for moving home

Whether you are moving a few streets away in Sheffield and Rotherham, across the country or further afield. Packing is a chore you will have to face sooner or later. The sooner you start thinking about it, the better. Here are some of the best tips for moving home.


The less you have to pack, the easier it is. Everyone has those boxes that never quite get emptied when they move. Is that a sign that perhaps their next move should be to the rubbish dump? Or do you really see that hideous vase Aunt Marge gave you in pride of place in your new home, wouldn’t it be a shame if that somehow got damaged?!

Take time before your move to think about what you can leave behind as part of your fresh start.

Make sure you have quality packing supplies

Like anything, when you have the right tools for the job it makes it so much easier, maybe even fun. Your local removal company can advise, and most likely, provide packing supplies. It makes the process of packing so much easier when you have big solid boxes to pack and good materials to keep everything safe.

Don’t pack essentials!

Make sure you know what your essentials are and make sure they don’t get packed until the last minute. What you define as essential will be up to you, it might just be the kettle, but make sure that everyone is clear what falls into that category. There is nothing worse than having to unpack several identical boxes to find that small item you need.

And when it is time to pack those essentials pack them together and make sure it’s clear where they are packed, so you can find them easily at the other end.

Pack by room

While it might seem easier to pack things from different rooms together, perhaps because of the size or weight. This makes things much harder at the other end. Try to think how you will be feeling at the end of a long day moving when you are trying to find things for your bathroom which are now scattered across several rooms. Packing by room means that your local removal company can leave those boxes in the right room at the other end for you.

Pack large items first

Packing large items in boxes first means that you can then fill the surrounding space with smaller objects. This has several advantages for you. It helps minimise the number of boxes that you will need. Most importantly, by keeping the boxes full it reduces the space and movement possible in the boxes, keeping your possessions safer.

Get someone else to do it

Perhaps the easiest way to pack is not to bother, but to get someone else to do it. Your local removal company might well offer a packing service, and if they do it’s probably the best way to move. They are experts in moving, after all, and will have lots of experience in packing things quickly and safely to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

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