Benefits of hiring movers over DIY

You may be thinking about doing it yourself, but here are some benefits of hiring movers over DIY. Moving house is a complex business, from start to finish. While you are wrestling with chains and contracts it might seem that the actual process of moving, getting all your belongings from your old home to your new home, is the easiest part. However, don’t underestimate the work involved, and the benefits of removal companies.

They are professionals

A key characteristic of a professional is that they make their job look easy. And while you might think the process of moving home is a purely physical task of loading and then unloading a removal vehicle. It’s actually a major logistical task.

If you have ever seen a professional removal in progress, you will appreciate how quickly professionals work. But in doing that they are also co-ordinating with each other on the whole process, making sure that they work together as a team efficiently and effectively.

And, as a professional service, everything is included. In a DIY move you have to think about every aspect. It isn’t just the labour and the transport. You will also need to consider things like the packing, and what if something gets broken? Do you have insurance?

It’s safer, for you and your belongs

A major benefit of removal companies is that because they know what they are doing it’s a lot safer. This isn’t just about the physical safety. They know how to lift safely as well as how to move around each other, but also the safety of your belongings.

The skill involved in loading a vehicle safely should not be underestimated. First, you need to make sure you load things efficiently. This is so you aren’t wasting space and can get everything inside the van or truck.

But you also need to think about the safety of the goods you are loading. It’s generally estimated that the contents of an average home are worth approximately £35,000. Packing is not just about using the space efficiently, but also making sure it’s used in a way that keeps everything safe and minimises the chance of damage in transit, or, perhaps worse, loose items causing injury if they fall out when the truck is opened again.

And, finally, they will also think about the loading of the vehicle. This is particularly important on the longer moves, but anyone who has tried driving a badly loaded vehicle will know how difficult it is.

It’s just easier

Given that there’s enough stress in moving house already, why add to it with the physical stress and strain of moving all your belongings yourself. There are, literally, thousands of moving parts when you think about the number of items you will be getting from one place to another. Add in a few people helping, and more likely getting in the way, plus all the incidental frustrations you can sprinkle along the way, from traffic delays to struggling to find a sufficiently close parking space, and it’s easy to see how all the excitement of moving can, quickly, turn into a massive headache.

Businesses tend to exist because there is a demand for them, and removal companies are no exception to this. And for most people, considering the alternative of a DIY move, will conclude that the benefits of using removal companies are so great, there isn’t really a choice.

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