You will often hear people talking about someone doing something like a pro, or like an expert, or even like a boss. Now, under different situational contexts, such comparisons will mean different things but the underlying universal meaning of those comparative phrases is that that action, whatever it might be, will be completed quickly, safely and efficiently – that is, expertly enough, just like a professional in his or her respective field would do it.

If the time has come for you to move out of your current home and move into a new house or apartment, then you will probably be really interested in knowing how to move house like a professional mover, and as a result,

  • How to pack and move house like a procomplete the upcoming move as quickly as possible (organizing your time + mastering your packing skills), while
  • committing no major moving mistakes,
  • incurring minimum moving expenses, and
  • maintaining a good level of safety throughout the household move.

But since you don’t work for a removal company (or do you?), you won’t really know how to organize and execute your local or long distance move like a true professional unless somebody cares to give you professional tips and hints on how to organize your move and how to pack up your home just like a removal company would.

Are you ready to learn how to move house like a professional?

How to organize your move like a professional

If you worked at a professional removal company, then you’d definitely know that proper organization always leads to a successful house move. Of course, it’s hardly surprising that the better prepared you are to do something, the better your performance will be regardless of the nature of the activity – an exam, a school test, a sports activity, an artistic performance, a professional job and so on. This well-known axiom is especially true during the preparation period that leads to a residential move: the better you manage to organize your move, the fewer problems, if any, you will face during that highly transitional period in life.

You want to know how a moving expert would organize the perfect move? All you need to do is take a look at these 10 expert organization steps when moving house:

  • Step 1. Set the moving course. The question of all moving questions – the one that needs to be answered very early in your preparation – is whether it’s better for you to hire professional moving services or whether you’d be better off moving your belongings with the help of a rented van and a bunch of good friends. There are pros and cons of each relocation method, so choose wisely. /5-self moving mistakes to avoid/
  • Step 2. Request moving estimates. How much does it cost to hire removals? Get a good answer to that important question and you will be able to make the right decision. Request price quotes from a few different removal companies and make sure their representatives visit your home for visual survey before getting written estimates from them. Why? Because you need precise and accurate moving estimates that will match your final moving bill.
  • Step 3. Create a moving budget. The moment you know how much professional removal services will cost you, it’s time to set a moving budget to see whether you have enough finances to cover the relocation expenses in the first place. A moving budget will also help you have a much better control over the money you have set aside for the move. /How to set a moving budget/
  • Step 4. Find a top-rated removal company. Should your comparison analysis favours professional assistance over a self-moving attempt, then your next logical step for you is to choose an experienced and reputable removal company that will do exactly what you expect of them, and do it like professionals. The way you handle this important search step will determine, to a large extent, how smoothly your move will go. /Where to find best removal companies in in the UK/
  • How to get friends to help you move
    Friends often prove to be invaluable help when moving from one home to another.

    Step 5. Get friends to help you move. If you happen to be moving only a short distance, you have plenty of friends to help you pack, carry and load your stuff, and you don’t own any specialty items that require professional packing to survive the trip, then you may as well try to move by yourself. And should that be the relocation path you choose to follow, then you must be familiar with the right approach to secure the invaluable help of your pals. /How to get friends to help you move/

  • Step 6. Inventory your home. It’s important to know what exactly you will be moving between the two homes. Act like a professional mover and inventory your entire home, room by room. Once you have prepared a detailed home inventory, you will be able to decide what items you’re taking with you and what you’re leaving behind – a decision that will save you plenty of time and money. /How to make a home inventory when moving/
  • Step 7. Get rid of unwanted things. Professional removals are well aware that the moving price is estimated on the basis of 3 major factors: move distance, total shipment weight and extra moving services. Move house like a pro by moving only the things you really need and will use in the foreseeable future. Get rid of the unwanted items to reduce your moving expenses and even pocket some extra cash in the process. /How to get rid of things when moving house/
  • Step 8. Get packing supplies. Below you will get some good advice on how to pack your home like a pro. However, before you can start the packing marathon, you will need to have the necessary packing materials by your side. Sure, you can always purchase them brand new if you can afford it, but the clever little trick of getting moving boxes for free, for example, will save you loads of money. /5 out-of-the-box places to get free moving boxes/
  • Step 9. Avoid serious moving mistakes. To err is human and professional movers also happen to make mistakes despite their solid experience and constant practice. Mistakes when moving house could prove to be rather costly both for your wallet and health but if you know what common moving mistakes to avoid, then you should have a decent chance of having a problem-free household move. /15 moving mistakes that will haunt you/
  • Step 10. Minimize moving stress. Insufficient money, lack of time and elevated risk for personal injuries and property damage can easily lead to a number of stressful situations. The pros do know how to handle the stress of moving house, so you’d better learn from the best: get familiar with how to cope with relocation stress and move house like a professional – stress-free! /How to cope with stress when moving house/

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How to pack your home like a pro

Packing a home for a move is, without a doubt, the hardest task in anyone’s calendar – after all, we’re talking about the only job that takes up the entire pre-move period. The speed with which household things are packed up and placed in moving boxes is crucial for the success of the whole operation, but it’s the packing safety that should be your focus and number one priority if you decide to handle the most time-consuming task without any professional assistance. Ultimately, speed without safety can only lead to a wide range of disastrous results, right?

Are you ready for the packing challenge ahead of you? Professional packers really know what it takes to achieve the desired level of efficiency but the chances are that you yourself have never worked as a professional packing expert. Even so, the following hand-picked packing tips will show you how to pack up your house like a pro.

  • Step 1. When to start packing for a move. You could never pack as quickly as a professional packer so it’s important to start the packing project as early in your preparations as possible. In other words, initiate packing as soon as your house move becomes only a matter of time. One of the biggest packing mistakes you can ever make is to leave most of the packing jobs for the last few days. /40 great packing tips for moving/
  • Step 2. What to pack first when moving. To start packing up your home ASAP is a good tactical move, but to do so without any packing strategy in mind will only lead no bad results. You can’t just box whatever items you see first without thinking of the proper packing order. Or rather, you can but you shouldn’t. The storage areas such as garages, basements and attics should be the first rooms to pack, for they often take the most time. Then, maintain your packing momentum by going into any spare rooms, the living room and the kitchen. Leave your bathroom and bedroom for last. /What to pack first when you move/
  • Step 3. Follow your packing timeline. You should use every single opportunity to save time when packing up your house, and to just that, you definitely need a good packing timeline. It’s so easy to lose track of time while sorting, wrapping, boxing and labelling your items and thus end up way behind schedule. Having a detailed packing calendar will eliminate the stress of last-minute packing scenarios, and will minimize the number of possible packing mistakes. /Moving and packing checklist/
  • How to pack like a professional packer
    Congratulations! It seems like your packing job goes according to plan.

    Step 4. Avoid common packing mistakes. Speaking of errors when moving from one home to another, packing mistakes can have serious consequences for the items that are supposed to be protected for the relocation trip. Even single cases of misjudgement or underestimation can mean damaged goods upon arrival – something you surely don’t want to see for yourself. A ruined item may be a book you don’t really care about, but a broken thing can also be a treasured vase that’s been in your family for decades. How to pack like a pro? Avoid the major packing mistakes!

  • Step 5. Pack moving boxes like an expert. One of the obvious differences between amateur packers and professional packers is the way moving boxes get packed. Pro packers strengthen the cardboard boxes with quality tape and use lots of padding materials even before anything gets inside the containers. Also, the way fragile and breakables items are arranged inside the packing boxes guarantees the safety of your stuff. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference! Learn how to pack your home like a pro by learning the fundamental techniques of packing moving boxes.
  • Step 6. Have a packing station. As hinted above, you won’t be able to just start packing up your home and finish the task in one single day. Efficient packing can be achieved if you keep packing up your things in logical stages but not before you have designated one place – a room or part of it – as your packing station. This tactic will eliminate the unpleasant scenario of having to battle your through randomly scattered piles of cardboard boxes and packing materials. /Top 5 difficult things to move to another home/
  • Step 7. Protect your prized furniture. Professional packers and movers always seem to know that to do with huge and heavy furniture pieces, don’t they? If you’re positive that you can manage that tough job on your own, at least follow the basic rules when moving heavy furniture: 1) disassemble to major components, if possible, 2) wrap well in thick moving blankets, and 3) use specialized moving equipment such as a furniture dolly for wheeling heavyweight furniture pieces out your home, as well as furniture sliders for safely moving them across the floor. /How to move furniture by yourself/
  • Step 8. Pack up faster than fast. Everyone wants to finish packing as fast as humanly possible, preferably within a single day. Unfortunately, things don’t really work that way unless you do choose to hire professional packers for the job. To increase the speed of packing when you do it by yourself, or with a group of good friends, make sure you 1) prepare a packing schedule, 2) get the required packing supplies in advance, 3) reduce the number of the items to pack to their absolute minimum, 4) break up the entire packing task into meaningful takes, and 5) stay focused and motivated during the packing marathon (easier said than done!). /How to pack to move house quickly/

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