What you should wear on moving dayYour moving day is just a few days away and there are still so many tasks to take care of before the removal van parks in front of your home – confirming the hired professional removal service, finishing up packing, including the essentials box and the attic, basement and garage areas, paying up the remaining bills, disconnecting the utilities, disassembling the large furniture pieces and so on.

And with many things to think about before the moment of truth comes, you might forget to tackle a seemingly trivial but yet important issue – what you should wear when moving.

Your moving day outfit should meet two major requirements: comfort and safety. The day when things tend to get chaotic, and sometimes even a bit dangerous, is not the best time to make a fashion statement. Use your common sense and wear comfortable and season-appropriate clothes on your moving day.

Here are some practical tips on what to wear on Moving day.


Some people prefer having their dedicated work clothes on while others would rather wear their jeans and T-shirt. No matter which option you go for, you’re bound to have a successful accident-free move as long as you feel comfortable and protected in your outfit configuration.

  • Removal men unloading truck
    Be like your removal men! Well, at least fashion-wise.

    Avoid baggy clothes due to their higher probability of becoming caught on something, ending up being torn or worse – compromising your safety while you’re hauling heavy things around;

  • Choose clothes made of flexible and breathable fabric. Make sure the pants you have selected to wear will let you bend your knees with ease;
  • If possible, wear garments with deep and secure pockets where you can keep your wallet, phone, keys or even a handful of hand tools for quick furniture disassembly without the risk of losing them;
  • Wear the kind of clothes you won’t mind if they get accidentally dirty or even damaged during the moving process;
  • Choose your moving garments according to the season. Wearing layered pieces of clothing is a good idea for a winter move – you can easily take off your zip-up jacket or thick sweater when your blood circulation quickens from the efforts and warms you up too much. On the other hand, you can just leave a plain T-shirt on when you are moving in the summer but make sure you have good protection against the sun and the heat.
    Read on to learn more about wearing protective gear.

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Nothing will be in its right place come Moving day – scattered boxes, unexpected obstacles on the path to the removal van or pets running around. The chance of you stepping on something sharp, banging your foot against a heavy item or dropping something onto your feet will be much higher than any other “normal” day.

Therefore, to keep freakish accidents and unfortunate injuries at bay, you’ll need to wear appropriate footwear during the entire move.

Here are some pointers on what shoes you should wear on Moving day:

  • high-top sports shoes
    High-top sports shoes are the ideal footwear when moving house.

    Choose your most comfortable pair of shoes because, you know, relocation days are always long and exhausting;

  • Put on fully enclosed shoes that provide sufficient protection, traction and flexibility for your feet;
  • Consider high-top sports shoes with good ankle support, preferably with anti-slip soles;
  • You are strongly advised against wearing high-heel shoes, sandals or flip-flops as you’ll be making plenty of awkward backward movements, and such inappropriate footwear will pose great risks for your health;

Protective Gear

Remember that providing the ultimate protection for you, your family and the people involved in the moving process is your top priority.

  • Make sure you wear your work gloves for improving the grip and protecting your hands against accidental injuries;
  • When moving in the summer, consider wearing sunglasses on your face, putting on a protective hat and applying high-factor sun cream over the exposed parts of your body to negate the harmful effects of the sun’s rays;

Extra Tips On What To Wear When Moving House

Here are some additional pieces of advice on what you should wear when you are moving. Although most people tend to forget important details amidst the chaotic moving preparations, you should not underestimate the significance of being properly dressed for the occasion.

Have in mind that you could get in a world of pain if you chose to blatantly disregard an essential safety tip.

  • woman in yellow raincoat
    Rain cannot stop your successful move if you’re dressed properly.

    Check the weather forecast the day before the Big day and dress accordingly. If they say it’s going to rain, putting on a raincoat will surely be a good idea;

  • If you have long hair, tie it back securely – the hectic Moving day is probably not the ideal moment to try and impress the removal crew. Besides, your long hair may fall over your face and prevent you from seeing where you are going. Which, needless to say, will bring about nothing but trouble;
  • Some jewelry pieces, such as loose necklaces, big rings, long earrings and large bracelets will most likely prove to be problematic on the day of your relocation. Your jewels can easily get hooked on something and either break or hurt you in the process.

Now that you know what to wear when you are moving, it’s highly probable that your move will go smoothly and according to plan. It’s fundamental that you feel comfortable and safe with your choice of work clothing, footwear and protective gear so that you survive the expected (and unexpected!) challenges that Moving day will present.

Of course, if you are not willing to make any compromises with your fashion, then a logical and practical solution will be to hire reputable removals to do the entire moving job for you while you stand aside, wearing exactly the clothes, shoes and jewelry you want.

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