Choosing Where to Move To Next

There are many factors that can influence where we live, usually, they are family, work, or school-related.
And even if the area of the country is pretty much decided for you by the location of your work for example, where you choose to live within a county, or even a neighbourhood, can seriously impact your quality of life.

How to decide where to live next?

Moving homeDeciding where to move to can be quite daunting, so do you make a calculated decision or stick a pin in a map?

A pros and cons list is always useful when deciding where your new home will be so here are some things for you to consider when making the final decision.

What must your new home or area give you?

There will be certain things that your new home must provide you with in order to make it worthwhile moving there. Decide what your priorities are and then which home or area best fits those priorities.

Things that you may consider important when choosing a new home:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Being nearer family
  • Good schools
  • More bedrooms
  • A garden
  • Being in the countryside
  • Being nearer the city
  • Commuting times
  • Public transport

Things to Consider When Choosing a New Place to Live

  • The price of the property or rental costs
  • The cost of living
  • Is moving to the city or the countryside such a good idea?
  • Is moving to be near family or friends a good idea?
  • What type of home do I need?
  • Is the area future proof?
  • Is location or home more important?
  • Should I rent or buy a property?
  • Is this a forever home?
  • What if my partner does not want to move?
  • Will Moving home make me happier?

 The price of the property or rental costs

Using a property price search site such as or you can soon discover the homes that are within your price range. Both of these sites offer you the opportunity to see average rental and purchase prices within chosen areas.

This will enable you to quickly exclude places that are outside of your budget.

The Cost of Living

Once you have bought or rented a property you still have to pay bills and live. It is important to take the cost of living into consideration and a site such as allows you to compare the cost of living between your current area and the new area.

Is moving to the Countryside or City a Good Idea?

Is moving to a rural location a good idea? It seems idyllic doesn’t it, living in the countryside, looking out of your window at miles upon miles of rolling countryside, a garden full of vegetables and flowers?

But have you considered what it will be like living in the countryside? Fetching wood from the woodpile in the freezing cold or roads impassable due to snow, hours upon hours of backbreaking gardening, buses rarer than hens’ teeth, or having just a single village shop.

Will your kids be bored with nothing to do as they get older? What will you do as you get older and cannot drive or walk to the shop?

And what about moving to a city. Being in the heart of the action usually means high property prices and a high cost of living. Then there are the social issues that you may face living in a big city, crime, noise, congestion, and pollution.

There are lots of things to consider about a total change of lifestyle and location. Make a list of all the pros and cons to see if it is the right thing to do for you.

Is Moving to Be Near Friends or Family a Good Idea?

Moving just to be near friends or family is an often cited reason for moving home.

If you are moving to care for elderly relatives for example that may be a good enough reason to move.

But often people will move to be near friends or family and then that friend or family member moves away. So how rooted are the people you want to move near to in that area? Is there any foreseeable reason why they would move in the future?

What Type of Property Would be Best For You?

We often get a fixed idea in our mind of which type of property we should move into, be it a house, bungalow or flat. And often we have an idea in our head of the type of people who would live in such places and the sorts of the location where you would find them.

But bungalows can offer extremely versatile accommodation and often come with more land than a house. Flats can be a cost-effective option to get you into your ideal location and houses can be expensive to maintain.

There can be a huge difference in what you get for your money between the different styles of a home so keep your options open and you may just find the perfect home.

When hunting for a new home it is a good idea to be as flexible as possible in the type of home you are looking for.

Further reading: House, Bungalow or Flat. Which is best for you?

Is the Area Future Proof?

By that we mean, if this is a long term home for you, will the area still meet your needs in 10 years’ time.

Moving to a certain area now may meet your immediate needs but what if the industry you work in packs up and leaves the area, or the lush green field around your home is sold off for a new housing estate?

Check out what the local councils’ long term home building strategy is, what local investments are being made, and how much your industry is investing in the area.

Find out more about How to future proof your next home move

Is location or property more important?

Family in new homeDo you buy the perfect home in a not so desirable postcode or is having the right postcode with a less than ideal home the right choice for you?

There are many considerations to take into account when you are looking to move home and even after you have made your pros and cons list of which would be the best place to move to, your gut feeling of which home you would be happiest in is often the best choice.

There are a list of 31 things to consider when trying to choose between location and home in this guide: Which is More Important: Location or House? 31 Things to Consider.

Should you Rent or Buy a Home?

Would it be better to rent or buy a home? This will often come down to personal circumstances and only you can really make the final decision, but here are some things to consider if you are undecided as to whether to buy or rent your next home.

  • Rent a home to get to know an area. It often makes sense to rent a home in an area that you would like to move to. Then if the area was not as good as you expected then you can move again.
  • Live in the area you want now. You will be able to afford to live in an area you might otherwise not be able to afford.
  • Save money. There will not be the costs of deposit, solicitors, surveyors, and stamp duty to worry about if you are renting. Usually, just a deposit will apply.
  • No maintenance costs. If the boiler needs replacing in your own home you will pay for it. In rented accommodation, it is the landlord’s responsibility to cover any maintenance costs usually.
  • No years of saving for a deposit. Getting enough money together to pay a deposit to buy a house can take years. When renting 1-3 months’ rent is the usual deposit.
  • No worry about mortgage rates. If you buy a home, the interest rates can change which makes it harder to budget. Rents are usually fixed for the duration of your agreement.
  • You may not be able to decorate. A downside to renting is that you may not be able to decorate which can affect how you feel about the home. Redecorating a property is a great way to make it feel like your home.
  • No certainty. If you really love the place you rent there is no guarantee that the landlord will extend your lease beyond the initial agreement.
  • Rent could rise year on year. You are at the mercy of the landlord as to what increase in rent applies.
  • No equity. Although you can invest the money you save by not purchasing a home you will not have any equity in a property.
  • Invest in savings or property? You may get a better return on the money you put in a savings account than on gambling that the housing market prices will rise. You could lose substantial sums of money if the property market crashes.

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What Are The Best Places to Move For a Childs Education?

Moving to an area to give your child the best education is a priority for many people. Here we share the best places to live in the UK which have the best performing schools.

The Top 5 Performing Primary Schools in the UK

  1. Boltons CofE School, Wigton CA7 8PA
  2. Wincle CofE Primary School, Macclesfield SK11 0QH
  3. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Stafford ST19 9BG
  4. Lanercost CofE Primary School, Brampton CA8 2HL
  5. The Cathedral School of St. Saviour and St. Overy, London SE1 1HG

Source: www.

The Top 5 Grammar Schools in the UK

  1. Queen Elizabeths School, EN5 4DQ
  2. Colchester County High School for Girls CO3 3US
  3. Nonsuch High School for Girls, SM3 8AB
  4. Beaconsfield High School, HP9 1RR
  5. Kendrick School, RG1 5BN


The Top 5 Universities in the UK

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Imperial College London
  4. University College London
  5. University of Edinburgh


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How to Decide Where to Move for a New Job

Buying a new homeMany regions of the UK have concentrations of certain industries and many towns and cities are emerging as the centre of new up and coming industries, mainly in the tech and creative sector.

But it is also worth looking at places that are attracting investment and are aiming themselves to be the hub of certain industries for the UK. These towns and cities will have a coordinated plan to attract businesses and workforce, so there will be lots of new homes being built and regeneration of key areas.

Often the places with the highest number of vacancies is a result of the cost of living and housing being particularly expensive, so take that into consideration when looking to relocate for a new job.

Engineering jobs, for example, are plentiful in the South East, but the West Midlands has the 3rd highest number of engineering sector vacancies in the UK. Take into consideration the quality of life and living expenses in the West Midlands and it may make for a better place to relocate to.

These are examples of 3 places in the UK with the highest number of vacancies in that business sector in 2019.

Where Are The Highest Number of Engineering Vacancies in the UK?

  • South East
  • London
  • West Midlands

Where Are The Highest Number of Manufacturing Vacancies in the UK?

  • South East
  • North West
  • South West

Where Are The Highest Number of Distribution Vacancies in the UK?

  • South East
  • London
  • North West

Where Are The Highest Number of Retail Vacancies in the UK?

  • South East
  • London
  • North West

Where Are The Highest Number of Vacancies in the Public Sector in the UK?

  • London
  • South East
  • North West

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Best Places to Move to for You In 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if your only consideration when deciding where to live was you?

There are always surveys coming out about the prettiest or happiest or best places to live. But how do you choose the best place to live for you and your lifestyle?

Normally it would take hours of research to find the best places to move to for a particular hobby or aspect of a home move that was important to you.

We have compiled a list of places that are most popular with people who enjoy the same recreationaal pursuits or have the same requirements as many others.

Where are the top 3 places for cyclists to move to?

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Bristol

Where are the top 3 walker-friendly places to move to?

  • Edinburgh
  • Sheffield
  • Leeds

Which are the top 3 dog-friendly cities to move to?

  • London
  • Newcastle
  • Edinburgh

Which are the top 3 places to be single in the UK?

  • Belfast
  • Liverpool
  • Southampton

Which are the most female-friendly areas in the UK?

  • East Dunbartonshire
  • East Rewfrenshire
  • West Oxford

Which are the most family-friendly places to move to?

  • Bath
  • Newcastle
  • Wolverhampton

Find out more about the best places to move to …. For you.

What if my partner does not want to move?

moving into a cottageSo for whatever reason, you have to move home but what happens if your partner does not want to move? Or your partner needs to move for a job relocation for example and you don’t want to?

It is a delicate situation and will require a level of compromise from both of you. And maybe a hard look at what you really want in life.

When one spouse wants to move home and the other doesn’t the key to resolving this is communication.

  • Make the effort to sit down and discuss the situation calmly.
  • Each make a list of the pros and cons of moving home
  • Each make a list of the pros and cons of not moving home
  • Discuss the pros and cons of the new area they want to move to
  • Go to the new place on a fact-finding trip
  • Each make a list of options to either staying or going. What compromises can be made?

Only by discussing your feelings, and the practicalities of moving or not moving, will you then find a suitable solution that you can both agree upon.

It can be a very complex problem but is certainly not an uncommon one.

In this guide you will find much more useful and practical advice on what to do if your spouse wants to move and you don’t, or you want to move and they don’t in My Partner Wants to Move Home – I Don’t – Now What?

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Posted on February 16, 2020

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